A Grief Not Wasted and a New Life Found

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One of my greatest concerns was that this time of grieving that I knew I had to go through would be wasted on just “me.” I knew and had been told that grieving is a process and much of that process does involve focusing on yourself and the Lord and getting through all of the emotions. Not that focusing on yourself during the grieving process is selfish because in so many ways it’s necessary to become a healthy individual once again that can care for the needs of others once again. Grief takes a major physical toll. I had been through a lot the months prior to Charles’ death and it in and of itself had taken a physical toll but the physical toll that grief brought was a totally different and unexpected way. However, through it all my prayer was that God would still be able to use it for His glory. And in a miraculous way, as only He can, He has been so beyond gracious to not only answer that prayer but His love for Jenny also brought her all the way around the world to be able to see and understand His truth in her life for the first time.

Back in February, Jenny gave her life to Christ. It was amazing and it was awesome, and it was humbling. After many conversations we had had and a disciple now conference at the church, my Dad sat down with her in our living room and walked her through the plan of salvation and with tears in her eyes, for the first time, she said “yes,” to Christ.

And then Sunday, May 7th, she was obedient to the Lord in publically professing this decision through baptism. It was such a beautiful and life changing day. My heart was beyond overflowing with God’s goodness.

There is an unbiblical christianese phrase that so many quote, “Everything happens for a reason.” I don’t look back at the past 6 months and see that Charles’ death “happened for a reason” so that Jenny could be saved, but it is the ultimate example of the biblical promise found in Romans 8:28-29 that Charles loved so much. “God causes all things to work together for the good for those who love God and are called according to His purposes.” It never once says that all things are good. And the truth is that because of sin, there is so much bad. So many bad things happen that will never make sense. But God causes all things to work together for the good for those who love God. Charles’ death was horrible. But God used His death to provide the opportunity for Jenny to come and hear the truth, and respond to the message.

Thank you to so many who have been a part of Jenny’s salvation. From the main campus that we attended early on and the music and the preaching of the word that moved her in a way that she had never experienced that first Sunday. To her disciple now leader, Hannah, who sacrificed her weekend to lead girls to the truth, to her friends at church that have invested in being her friend and truly caring about her! To the Georges who babysat until midnight for me so I could get her from the airport, to our Family Ministries pastor Boogie and wife Laura who have taken so many extra steps to invest in her life, and to my Dad who is always looking for opportunities to share the gospel and took the time to sit down with her and present the gospel to her and discipling her in the Word after her decision. And there are so many more – teachers and principals at school that lived out Christ to her and so many more. We are often obedient to the Lord in the everyday mundane and we never see the fruit of our labor. And sometime, God is so gracious and we are.

All I can do is say thank you Lord for who You are and how You have given me such mercy to still use me even in the darkest of dark and the lowest of valleys.

And to Jenny – you are such a gift and God has used you in so many ways in my life. I pray that He will continue to grow you closer to Him and His plan for your life each and every day.


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  1. Sharon says:

    Oh, our God is so good! I praise His name for sending Jenny to Dyer, Tennessee to begin taking steps toward Him! And, using you as his vessel to model His love and compassion toward her! What a testimony she has to share with others on how God saved her and now is using her for his glory and Kingdom😉