The Journey Continues – The Beginning of the Hard Things

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blog picThere are many things that I have been avoiding.

The other day I felt like it was time to do one of these “many things”. I wrestled with it for many hours. I even took a nap to try to get away from it but when I woke up I felt as though if it were God saying, “Sometimes you just have to do the hard things.”

It may seem strange to call this the beginning of the hard things. As I have obviously faced some very hard things over the past 10+ months but during those months and during all the events that have occurred, there has been a “stack” of things that I felt were too difficult and too hard to deal with. Some of them small and some of them big but things I just could not deal with.

But God….

But God, in His amazing grace, has given me the time that I needed. But now the time has come when it’s time to deal with many of these hard things. And the other day as I started out on a journey to conquer one of those small hard things God once again covered me with His grace and His peace and gave me His strength to face each step of the way.

There are many things ahead that seem too big, too scary, too hard, too permanent to make it through but just as God gave me grace in this one small hard thing, I know He will give me grace in the big hard things. I know He will give me the strength that I need to make it through.

Last week, as I wrestled with some big decisions and life questions God provided in some of the biggest ways in my entire life that made His hand on the situation seem nearly tangible. Someone anonymously provided a huge financial gift towards the kids childcare; it was overwhelming. And then someone (not a likely subject to do so) prayed unexpectedly and boldly for one of my biggest burdens and God has answered that prayer in huge ways.

I know God is at work. I know He has a plan. Not because I am special but because of who HE is and because of the unmerited favor that I will never deserve as He lavishes His grace and peace over my life and somehow uses this mess, that is me, for His glory. Because of that, I am forever thankful. My prayer is that I will obediently follow His lead and always know that God is who He says He is and He will always do what He says He will do and that I will lean on Him as I face the hard things to come. Because His grace is enough. He is enough.

Do you have any hard things you are working through? God will get us through. Philippians 4:13 is not a cliché or a promise for someone else, it’s the truth…. and it’s also for you if you have given your life to Him.

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