A New Year, Fresh Starts and How We Can Accomplish it All

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One of my dearest and best friends is a huge advocate of “a word of the year”. A word that you pray for that God will give you that will help shape and mold the year to come. My confession would be that though it sounds great, for myself, I have actually been kind of a skeptic. I felt like having “a word” might put God in too much of a box and I might miss out on some big things He might have for me that may not fall under the “word”. But in all things, I believe balance is the key. And I know practices such as these or annual New Years resolutions can help keep our focus where it needs to be as well as accomplish tasks and goals we need the incentive they provide to accomplish. (A great read about having a word of the year, can be found here.)

I love fresh starts and New Years. I am the weirdo who actually loves Mondays unlike most of the rest of the world. I love Mondays and fresh starts and the beginning of a New Year because it is an opportunity to start again. It seems like every Monday, I have great hopes for the week. Though often I fail, and fail greatly at what those hopes entail, I have a new Monday around the corner to try it all again.

Charles was a dreamer. That is one reason I believe he was able to do so much with his life. He was always dreaming about what the next steps could be. Always coming up with plans and ideas. At first, it almost took me by surprise. I remember trying to figure out how to decorate our house the first week we were married and Charles started talking about our “next house!” Wait, what? The next house? We have just lived here a week. His dreams were not born out of a dissatisfaction or discontent of the present but instead of a hope of a better future. Sometimes his dreams changed so fast I couldn’t keep up! But his dreams were always contagious. He loved to dream.

Looking at the year ahead, I have no idea what the future holds. I know there will be a lot of changes just from what is planned to occur in the first few weeks. But I have no idea the challenges that will come our way. But I do have dreams.

Some dreams and hopes are broad, some personal, some spiritual, some practical and some silly. This coming year I hope to continue to grow in motherhood. I hope to start cooking once again on a more regular basis and once again working on crafts that are actually successful. I hope to follow through with a bible study concept I developed this past year. I hope to be able to be a better friend and do more for those in need. I hope to use my time more wisely and be more intentional with healthy eating and activity. I hope to make wise decisions in everything that I do and be even more organized, not just physically but in life. I hope to be a better employee and coworker. I hope to worry less and trust more. I hope to be more intentional in spreading the gospel and more intentional with every minute of my day. I hope to keep a cleaner house and welcome more people into our home whatever home may be. I hope to read more books and write more.

A lot of hopes and a lot of dreams.

Though all of these “hopes” are good things and hopefully will come to fruition, there is only one thing that really matters. Keeping my eyes focused on Jesus.

When I keep my eyes focused on Him, He brings the order to my life that I need. He directs my every step. He changes me where I need to be changed. He will help me be the mom I need to be and reawaken within me what has seemed lost this past year. Only Jesus can do all these things. I have many hopes and the list can seem overwhelming, but when I focus on Jesus, the author and perfector of my faith, then I will become who He wants me to be instead of who I want to be.

I will become who He needs me to be instead of who I think I need to be.

My life verse has always been and still is today 2 Cor 4:18 where Paul wrote, “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen but what is unseen for what is seen is temporary and what is unseen is eternal.” The truth is the same for us in where we need to keep our focus. We need to focus on Him… seeking first the kingdom and all these things will be added today us.

It’s okay to dream and plan, have a word of the year or New Years resolutions but we need to first seek Him. Because when we first seek Him, we won’t accomplish our dreams, wishes and New Years resolutions but we accomplish His dreams, wishes and New Years resolutions for us. When we seek Him, He takes care of all the details and we don’t have to worry. When we just seek Him, the simpleness of a life lived for Christ becomes so much clearer. When we just seek Him, we don’t have anything to worry about. When we just seek Him…..

No matter what our words of the year, plans, hopes, dreams and New Years resolutions are this year, I pray that seeking Him first…..truly first, will really be our focus.

“For the Gentiles eagerly seek all these things; for your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Matthew 6:32-34 NASB


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