Something Needs to Change

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“So it was expected.” She said with a strug.

That was the response when a doctor (a really nice one by the way) Charles Lucian was seeing heard about his Dad passing away and having Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Of which I immediately exclaimed, “No, it wasn’t!!”

A few years ago, there had been a well respected pulmonologist that was well known for her home ventilator expertise out of Vanderbilt that Charles had wanted to see for some time. A few years ago, we decided to make that happen as one of his greatest struggles was his non allergic rhinitis issues and never really being able to find anyone that could help him. After acquiring a cold a few months after becoming her patient. and landing in the ICU – he actually went into adrenal shock that no one could diagnose. It was a rough few hours as his body did not respond to any treatment as his blood pressure plummeted. I will never forget that “well respected physician” coming and patting me on the back saying, “Well we knew this day would come.” 

Wait, what?? 

She didn’t even know him. She wasn’t going to fight for him…it was crazy! 

Charles was very careful to only see physicians that believed in his fight to live. He did have a great team which was primarily headed up by his cardiologist Dr. Frank McGrew. Dr. McGrew – if you ever read this – please know how much Charles loved and appreciated you!

Charles believed in fighting to live. He believed life was worth fighting for. 

I can’t imagine living with a disease your entire life for which no one expects you to live. Everywhere you turn all you face is hopelessness. 

I share all of this to say,  something needs to change. 

Doctors need to fight for life for all of their patients. Too often in the ICUs patients lay there with pneumonia and other ailments which physicians and nurses wait for antibiotics to do miracles. Doctors give horrible diagnosis to parents for their unborn children and suggest they terminate pregnancies. Aggressive cancers are labeled as terminal and hospice is ushered in. It’s not the physicians and nurses and the entire medical team are horrible people, it’s just the accepted “norm” in the medical community. It is what is taught as fact and the best way to approach these circumstances. 

Life is worth fighting for. Even in the face of insurmountable odds, should we not fight to live and leave the rest to God? 

That is what Charles did. He fought with every last single ounce of breath he had because he believed that when it was his time to join heaven that God would take him. And because of this belief and this fight, he didn’t just sit around and wait to die – He lived! He accomplished much for The Kingdom, he had a full and wonderful, abundant life! 

It’s not about facing reality and being in denial – it’s about life and how precious life is. 

When I met Charles I easily got swept up into this fight. Because it was a fight that we fought every single day. It was a dream, and a passion. He wanted to use all that He had for the Lord and He so desperately wanted others to know that when the doctors pat you on the back and say, “well we knew this day would come” that the start and the finish only belong to God, not some diagnosis and not some physician who can’t understand what fighting for life is really all about. 

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  1. Kacy Keplinger says:

    When our Jackson was born so early and sick we had a doctor tell us not to expect anything. She offered us “comfort care”. Like you said life is worth fighting for! We faught! And now look at him. Thank you for your encouragement!