Viruses, Masks and Prayers Requested

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It is crazy to wake up to people every morning in your room running around – but it’s even crazier waking up to people running around wearing masks!! Lol!!

Right now, I feel like we are in isolation because I am surrounded by masks! When we came home from the Tennessee Baptist Convention last week everyone ended up being sick except for one full-time staff member. We kept going as long as we could, but yesterday we ended up needing the sickly staff to come back before we would normally let them. Any cold whether bacterial or viral or any kind of respiratory infection can be life threatening for Charles. So as of right now, we are fairly well – but please keep us in your prayers if you feel led to pray for us that we will continue to stay healthy despite all of the sickness around us. Everyone is being so good about washing their hands and wearing masks but we ultimately know it is also the Lord’s protection that can keep us healthy in times like these!! We are so thankful for those who pray and lift us up to the Father.

Also – just as a side note – we will be updating our blog more as well as sending out emails about our ministry and updates on our life. If you would like to receive these updates and emails please sign up to the right. This will also be a way for you to partner with us and support us in this ministry.


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