What People Are Saying

Speak Foundation Group - Atlanta 2013

“Charles and Spring Reed embody the grace that most Christians can only speak of. Their desire to glorify God encourages and challenges us to examine the source of our dependence. Jesus said, “without Me you can do nothing.” Paul acknowledged, it was in his weakness, that Christ reveals His strength. It is with that same recognition that Charles and Spring offer themselves as Christ’s ministers through testimony and song. At the conclusion of their time with us, I shared that we would never be the same. God has equipped them for such a time as this.”

Bro. Tom Spellings, Pastor of Humboldt First United Methodist Church

“I highly recommend Charles and Spring as speakers. Their story is one of a kind and the heart they both display for God is evident in the story they share. We were blessed to have them as our main presenters for the national conference at the Speak Foundation. We are a disability ministry so their message fit perfectly and they would be fantastic at your next event.”

Kathyrn Bryant, President and Founder of The Speak Foundation

“I was excited to hear about God’s call on the life of my old friend, Charles Reed. I have always been impressed with Charles’ discipline, determination and love for people. As Charles shares his inspiring story, I am confident that God will use him to be an encouragement to believers and to lead many to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Fred Shackelford IV, Pastor, Springhill Baptist Church, Paris, TN and President of Tennessee Baptist Convention 2011-2012

“Where do I begin… WOW! God blessed me and my husband Mike so much the day we met Spring and Charles Reed in 2012 at our church, Englewood Baptist Church in Jackson. Our lives were changed forever. The love, compassion, fun and Godly wisdom they bring to everyone they meet is contagious. They exemplify what God intends for marriage that is built on FAITH and sacrificial love for others to be like. You are in for a special treat when you are blessed with the opportunity to here them tell you their story and what God has done in their FAITH journey. Your life will be changed forever! It’s all BECAUSE HE LIVES!”

Mitzi and Mike Seals, Married Adult Teachers, Englewood Baptist Church, Jackson, TN

“What an amazing story! So Inspiring!”

Stephanie Mize, Spring Baptist Church, Spring, TX

“Charles & Spring were our guests at the Baccalaureate Service for South Side High School in Jackson. His message is a message of hope and encouragement for anyone. God truly has his hand on this young man who has given his life to Jesus to be used as God leads. Spring is very talented and when she sings you can truly know that God is singing through her. I would recommend them to you as a couple who would be a blessing to any type setting. They truly blessed us!”

John Norvell, Associate Pastor/Music, First Baptist Bemis, Jackson, TN

Oh! My goodness I can’t find the words to say what a blessing you were, Spring, to all of us and an encouragement.”

Renee Melton, First Baptist Church, Lexington, TN

“It was a very great and inspiring service, thanks for sharing your story with us.”

D.J. Barnett, First Baptist Church, Arnett, OK

“In spite of challenges and obstacles along the way, Charles Reed has rock solid faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He has joy in the Lord that is contagious. His story is one of hope and dependence upon the Lord in the midst of trials and disappointment. I have served as Charles’ pastor for the last six years and find him to be a Godly man with a strong testimony. I promise his story will cause you to look at your situation and struggles with hope and from a new perspective. I highly recommend Charles to speak in your church.”

Dewayne Goodgine, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Dyer, TN 

“The two things that were most obvious the very first time I met Spring were her love and passion for the Lord and her genuine love for God’s people.   As a gifted singer and songwriter the presence of the Holy Spirit is most evident in Spring’s life.  As a speaker and teacher, the wisdom of God comes forth in unmistakable fashion.  As a friend and colleague the quiet and gentle spirit of Christ is always present, listening, encouraging and giving in a completely selfless way.  Always willing to serve wherever the Lord opens a door, Spring brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her and is always ready to give a testimony that is sure to glorify our Savior.  It is exciting to know her and Charles and witness all that God is doing in their lives and ministries.”

Bett Jewell, Women’s Ministry Leader, FBC Dyer, TN

“I got to know Charles Reed when he was one of my fine students at Union University. His courage in the face of a debilitating disease, his perseverance in reaching his goals, and especially his commitment to Christ and the church are hallmarks of his life. Charles has an unusual story that people need to hear. I commend him and his ministry to you.“

George H. Guthrie, Benjamin W. Perry Professor of Bible, Union University, Jackson, TN

“I enthusiastically endorse and recommend Charles and Spring Reed in the ministry that God has called them.“

Jerry Legg, Pastor Emeritus, First Baptist Church, Dyer, TN

“WOW! What a great testimony. Such an inspiration! And Spring, such a beautiful song! What talent – and such a blessing you two are!”

Judy Herndon, Springhill Baptist Church, Paris, TN