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Our Story

DSC_1214-2729909852-OWhat seemed to be the start of a normal life would soon become anything but normal. Life took a dramatic turn. At the age of 4, Charles Reed was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The doctors never expected him to live past his early teens. With a life that seemed like a nightmare, Christ gave him purpose for living. Life has never been anything close to normal, but Charles has always had vigor to live life to the fullest even as his physical health declined. At the age of 9 he became totally wheelchair bound. At the age of 13, he was unable to feed himself or use his arms. At the age of 22, he had to get a tracheostomy. At the age of 28, he became completely ventilator dependent. Despite all of that, he has far outlived what any prognosis would have ever given him. He graduated from high school, obtained a degree from Union University in Christian Studies and is a Vice President of 01_14368_fullhis family’s trucking company, Reed Logistics. Then at the age of 36, he and his wife Spring, knew the Lord was leading them both to step out and share the many lessons the Lord has taught them about what life is really all about and how to stand firm in faith, no matter the trial. As we continue to serve the Lord through our career and ministry, we are now the proud parents of our two newborn twins, Charles Lucian and London Christina we adopted in November 2015.




Meet Charles


Charles grew up in the small town of Dyer. He loves having deep conversations, drinking coffee, and working. He also enjoys cooking, spending time with his kids, playing games with the exchange students and listening to his wife sing and play the piano.

Charles has been a follower of Christ since he was 9, and is in constant pursuit of what God wants him to do with his life. He enjoys nothing more than to have the opportunity to lead others to Christ through sharing his own story or whatever way he is lead.

Charles is currently an online student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is also a graduate of Union University where he earned a degree in Religion/Philosophy in the Christian Studies department with emphases in Biblical Greek and Christian Ethics and a minor in business administration. Charles also loves Christian Apologetics and Ethics. He is a Vice President of his family’s trucking company, Reed Logistics, and also serves in ministry sharing his story.

Though he has suffered from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy his entire life, he definitely has not let that stop him, and the unique perspective that Christ has shown him, he has a passion to share with the World.

Some of Charles’ favorite blog posts are A Story of Dependence, Making the Most of the Moment – Part 1, A Week of Trial, and Making the Most of the Moment – Part 3.



Meet Spring

DSC_1227-2729906897-OSpring loves the Lord and has a zeal for life that could be described as contagious. She was always open to go wherever the Lord would lead her whether it was Thailand, Bolivia or any other exotic land – but little did she know that the exotic land that God would lead her to would be rural West Tennessee. She is an avid coffee drinker and loves going to the nearest coffee shop (20 mintues away – To the Last Drop) and spends what little free time she has cooking, playing the piano, singing, writing and doing crafts. Though she was raised in Houston, she now is learning how to live a somewhat simpler country life. She loves to share about her life and the joys of living by faith as well as her unique journey that she shares with her husband, Charles, to anyone who will listen.

Spring has been involved in various types of ministries and has traveled around the world through short-term missions. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and a Master of Arts in Christian Education with a concentration in women’s ministry from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She has served as a women’s ministry director, and served on the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention’s Women’s Ministry team as a regional representative and consultant and organized an region wide women’s conference in East Texas. She has taught in many women’s conferences and lead worship at various events across Texas and now Tennessee where she resides.

Her passion is to encourage women by sharing God’s love and His Word to help women see their purpose through life and how God uses some of our greatest trials to grow in their faith.

Some of Spring’s favorite blog posts are How God Uses the “Unfair”, A Rewind, Some Kitchen Tile and God’s Faithfulness, and A Love That Changes You.


Our Board of Directors:

Rev. DeWayne Goodgine – Pastor, First Baptist Church, Dyer, TN

Rev. Mac McCaleb – Pastor, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Martin, TN

Dr. Howard Newell – Recently retired professor of Business Administration from Union University, Jackson, TN

Mike Seals – Founder and President, CFO Performance Group, Jackson, TN, Small Group Leader, Men’s Minister at Englewood Baptist Church, Jackson, TN

Tim Tucker, Pharm. D – Owner/Pharmacist, City Drug Company, Huntingdon, TN – Alumni Advisor, Lambda Chi Alpha, Union University, Jackson, TN